Executive Board Minutes 3/21/07


I.   Call to Order and Quorum Count:  The meeting was called to order by President Suzie Etheridge Rosser at 3:05 PM.  Participating were VP-Continuing Education Virginia Berry, VP-Publications Rick Burk, VP-Public School Issues Amy Rosonet, Treasurer Rebecca Laskin, ASHA Seals Representative Georgene Johnson, Secretary Marilyn Hilborn, and Nominations Chair Mary Ann Mach.  Executive Director Deirdre McGowan also participated.  Rosser declared a quorum and welcomed everyone.

II.   Minutes:  The Executive Director had distributed the minutes of the January 13 conference call prior to the meeting.  Berry moved for adoption, Laskin seconded, motion passed.

III.  Executive Board Reports:

President: A Licensure Board Committee has been  established and Peggy Carlin has agreed to chair. The two lobbyists are working very well together. A copy of the report has been made a part of these minutes.

VP- Continuing Education: The ASHA CE Providers Review  occurs every five years; 2007 is the year for MSHA but since  MSHA is unblemished, the review will only be a paper trail.

VP-Public School Issues: Concern was expressed regarding the maintenance of the $6,000 supplement and also in regard to bachelor’s degree practitioners. However, if such a  practitioner is enrolled in a bona fide graduate program that teaching assignment is considered acceptable. The ASHA Seals representative will work with the VP-School Issues to facilitate introductions to the SPED Director at MDE.

Treasurer: The stated financial goal is to have rolling $10,000 CDs maturing every month, optimizing interest income. The Treasurer’s report has been made a part of these minutes. 

VP-Publications:  MSHA is shifting to all electronic communications. There has been no printed information since the beginning of the year and the handouts have been available on the web.

IV.  Committee Reports: 

Conference Committee: The report was distributed subject to revision following the conference. 

Reimbursement: MSHA participated in the National Black Legislators Conference which, included a $1,000 contribution from ASHA. Rep. Dirk DeDeaux is Chair ofthe House Medicaid Committee met with MSHA members to include the Medicaid technical amendment in HB 1152.

Legislative: The MSHA President worked to have audiologists and speech therapists included on the Autism Task Force (HB 1267); to include state-employed speech therapists in teacher-pay provisions (SB 2323) and to kill the Department of Health attempt to lessen professional impact on the Advisory Council (SB 2927).

Honors Committee: All nomination slots had entries and selections; honors nominees had been submitted to ASHA. An outstanding graduate student from each school has been selected and the first year they are a fully paid member they will have gratis conference registration.  V. Old Business:

Bylaws amendments: Will be voted on in total at the membership meeting, not piece by piece. The bylaws state there must be written notice in advance for changes – which has been the case.

Focus Seminars: A collaborative seminar was just completed with Magnolia Speech School. Med-Acoustics will co-sponsor a stand-alone seminar in the fall. MSHA will also sponsor a speech-pathology seminar for school -based practitioners in the fall and a health-care seminar in the summer.

VI.    New Business

STARS Grant: Request to ASHA submitted by the deadline.

PR Exhibits: School-based health, wellness and safety conference may not meet niche SHA PR standards. The President will generate more information. The University Medical Center department of Pediatrics will host a symposium May 3 for $200. MSHA will participate.

MSHA OFFICER NOMINATONS: Chair reported on nominations for three positions: President-Elect for 2008, Cindy Gibson (bring on board in 2007); Secretary Marilyn Hilborn for another two-year term and Treasurer Rebecca Laskin for another two-year term. Elections will be held prior to January 1, 2008. 

VII.             Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 5 PM.

Submitted By: Deirdre McGowan for Marilyn Hilborn, MSHA Secretary


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