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OK. I know people who are still trying to understand whether iPod contains a subject and verb, and, therefore, qualifies as a sentence or is it just one word that could maybe even be a verb. Then, there are those who think that a blog might be a mispronunciation of something people writing with ink pens (you know, the kind with nibs that used real ink from a bottle…..) used to use to help dry the ink so you wouldn’t get a ink smudge on your clothes. I’m not an “English” major, so I don’t really know all the technical ins and outs of “transformational grammar,” but the addition of new words, phrases, and meanings (for older words) has to be a (big) part of it. Talk about the real meaning of “dynamic.” Well, to say that dynamic means “changing,” when it comes to (English) language/communication – – well, now there’s the understatement of the new millennia.

Ever heard of wiki,, podcasting, social bookmarking, ….. ?

Back to iPod. I’m hitting on iPod here as one of the major icons of “new” technology. A lot of us know the name, but we really don’t know much about it, or how it could be used in our world (… yes, it can be used for other things beside listening to your favorite tunes while jogging).  Athough we really can’t consider the web “new” anymore, we could cerainly consider it “under-unused” by many of us in the “communication (disorders)” field. I dare say that many of us use “technology” primarily for overhead-recordkeeping. (You know, reports, IEPs, forms, blah, blah, blah…). Now don’t get yourself in a huff, there’s nothing wrong with using technology for whatever is needed, but, let’s see if we can go a little beyond “using the pencil to write on a different paper.”  Tech doesn’t have to be a hobby, it can be a tool.


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