An update from the MSHA Vice-President: Continuing Education

On August 18, 2007, MSHA co-sponsored a one-day workshop with Select Medical Rehabilitation Services in Robinsonville, MS, entitled Current Issues in Long-Term Health Care. There was a $225.00 co-sponsor fee charged to MSHA.  There were 40 attendees and 40 participants that received .6  ASHA CEU’s. On September 21, 2007, MSHA co-sponsored a one-day workshop in Jackson, MS with Med-Acoustics, UMC and the EHDI program, entitled Pediatric Audiology.  There was a $225.00 co-sponsor fee charged to MSHA.  There were 43 attendees and 28 participants that received .6 ASHA CEU’s. MSHA has received from ASHA our 5-year CE review information.  To quote ASHA’s CE Division: “An exceptional record of CEB requirements has led to automatic renewal of the Mississippi-Language-Hearing Association as an ASHA approved CE Provider.”There was no documentation required to submit.  The 5-year review fee was $275. Effective sometime this fall, the ASHA co-sponsor fee will increase to $250.00 per offering.  It is this VP’s recommendation that this fee be paid by the co-sponsoring entity. MSHA has also received the invoice for the annual approved CE Provider renewal fee of $450.00.  This invoice has been forwarded to the MSHA office for payment by 12/31/07 or soon as possible so that there is no lapse in MSHA’s CE Provider status.  Numerous phone calls and emails have been received from both MSHA members and non-members regarding various CE questions and confusions on a number of issues such as certificates verifying attendance, CEU’s earned several years ago and submission of ASHA CE Participant Forms significantly after the completion of the activity.  Due to these confusions and misconceptions regarding the CEU process, a CEU Fact Sheet was developed to address these issues which will appear in MSHA News, on the MSHA Conference web page and in the Conference printed program. 

Virginia Berry, MSHA Vice President: Continuing Education


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