President’s Update

This has been a very busy year for MSHA.  The Executive Board has worked tirelessly to collaborate with other organizations and state agencies, and attended a variety of political functions in order to increase awareness of MSHA and promote the mission of our organization.   With Executive Board or member representation MSHA is currently participating on a MDE Licensure Subcommittee, a MDE committee to review the RTI process, the EHDI Legislative Action Committee, and The Caring for MS Individuals with Autism Task Force.  Many hours have been spent working with the state agency and legislature on Medicaid issues.  Updates on the actions of each of these committees will be posted periodically on the MSHA News.I would like to recognize some of our members who have been willing to give of their time to support the efforts of MSHA.  Rebecca Laskin is not only our Treasurer, but also the STARS committee chair, serves on the Advisory Council on Professional Licensure for the Department of Health, and is on the EHDI Legislative Committee.  Maureen Martin, Carolyn Higdon and Julie Chadwick are serving on the Autism Task Force.  Additionally, Carolyn is serving as Legislative Councilor.  Bill Mustain is on the EHDI Legislative Committee and has just accepted the daunting task of Chair of the Independent Licensure Review Committee.  Virginia Berry is on the Advisory Council on Professional Licensure for the Department of Health, and is the Vice President of Continuing Education.  Rachel Powell and Georgene Johnson have been instrumental in compiling and presenting information to MDE on children with Language Impairment in the RTI process.  Lenette Ivy, Joy Townsend, Zenobia Bagli, and Brett Kemker are continuing work on MDE Licensure Review Committee.  Lara Archer was appointed to the Council of Advisors on Professional Licensure for the Department of Health.  Denise Boatner was appointed to the Council of Advisors-Hearing Aid Specialists for the Department of Health.  Judy Newton and Cherie Kilgo are working to make the Honors presentations a memorable event.  Be sure to submit nominations for honors and recognize a fellow member for their contributions to the profession.  And as always, the steadfast resident techie, our Vice President of Publications, Ricky Burk, has revamped the website, implemented new software so that it is interactive and user friendly.  He has started a new program, MSHA Radio, which will interview persons of interest, and allow you to listen to some of the speakers prior to conference.  Updates with full conference details will soon be posted on the website.  In addition to the three days of national and international speakers we are having a Pre-Conference Workshop with Lynly Stephen.  This is a Make & Take workshop on Literacy.  Full information on the workshop and registration information is currently on the website.  There will be some changes in CEU procedures this year.  We are currently working out the details and will post information both in the newsletter and in the conference program when all is completed.  With regard to conference I have to say thanks to Jackson State University and University of Southern Mississippi students for participating as session monitors and organizing the fun at the MSHA Social.  Remember all of those great door prizes?  This year Ginnie Arinder has volunteered to run that very busy committee.  As you all know the recommended change in ASHA governance structure will soon be implemented.  We will move from Legislative Council representation to Advisory Council representation.  Each state will have two representatives, one Speech Pathologist and one Audiologist.  Nominations are currently being accepted.  Information and the links to nominate are posted on the MSHA website.  We have had several calls requesting information on the documentation required for National Board Certification.  I have had contact with MDE who clarified maintaining the Certificate of Clinical Competence will meet the requirements for continued National Board Certification for Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists.  You should present documentation of your continuing CCC to the Personnel Office in your local school district to remain eligible for the supplement. I am looking forward to another year as President of MSHA.  I hope to continue the expansion of our participation in legislative issues, and professional presence in all venues of public awareness.  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday with your families. Suzie  Rosser, MSHA President      


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