Cash Asset Report

Source Interest Rate Amount As of When accessible
Checking Account We get no interest on this account but we also have no expenses $97441.26 3/20/08 Always
Total Liquid Assets   $97441.26 3/20/08 Always
CD…29  3.96 $10,345.17 2/1/08 Matures 3/27/08
CD…85 3.94 $10,375.22 2/1/08 Matures 3/28/08
CD…73 3.96 $10,000.00 2/1/08 Matures 6/21/08
CD…70 3.94 $10,473.83 2/1/08 Matures 6/29/08
CD…07 3.94 $10,397.68 2/1/08 Matures 6/29/08
CD…42 3.455 $10,654.48 2/1/08 Matures 12/28/07
CD…60 3.455 $10,654.48 2/1/08 Matures 12/28/07
CD…67 3.94 $28,627.16 2/1/08 Matures 12/12/08
CD…n/a n/a $10,000.00 3/6/08 Matures 9/6/08
Total CDs   $111,528.02   (includes unrealized gains)
Total Cash Assets   $208,969.28    

Last year for our 3/21/07 meeting we had total cash assets of $154,429.74. 

I’m pleased to point out that at the end of 2006 we had $60,985.54 in CDs.  As you can see above, we now have $111,528.02 in CDs, a great increase toward our goal of having two year’s operating expenses in reserve.  At this moment the maturation dates are not as spread out as I would like, but we’re taking steps now to spread out the maturation dates so we’ll always have a little extra available for a short-term emergency. 

The reason we are trying to put so much money in CDs is that ASHA has recommended that state associations keep two full years operating expenses in reserve.  My personal goal is that once we have that put aside, we can use the interest as association income.  

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca D. Laskin, M.C.D., C.C.C.   



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