Is MSHA for You ?

Your MSHA membership provides you with a direct connection to the most respected voices for communication sciences and disorders professionals in Mississippi. MSHA members are audiologists, speech – language pathologists, and speech/language/hearing scientists employed in schools, in health care facilities, in private practice, in universities, and many other settings across the state. MSHA membership is your link to a network of experienced and helpful colleagues.


With interests and concerns similar to your own, MSHA members are committed to providing the highest quality services to and advocacy for people with communication disabilities.  By targeting advocacy at the state and federal levels with input from a lobbyist and special interest committees, MSHA is able to negotiate strategies for effective legislation and policy development.  With members represented on the Advisory Council for the Mississippi Department of Health Licensure Board we have direct input with regard to licensure issues.


Membership in MSHA provides you with the resources and information you need to be successful at your job, advance your career, and better serve people with communication disorders.  MSHA helps provide easy access to other speech-language and hearing professionals in the state through the MSHA LISTSERV, MSHA web, and Membership Directory.  MSHA Executive Board members and Committee Chairs in specialized areas disseminate information about critical issues to MSHA members.


MSHA continues to develop a variety of continuing professional education opportunities.  Conferences and seminars are available at special rates for members.  The Annual Continuing Education Conference offers exciting learning opportunities with the latest research and practical applications to assist you in your practice.  Our goal is to assure that members have cutting-edge information about issues and concerns within their areas of interest.


MSHA is currently 600 strong; however, there are more than 300 licensed speech language pathologists and audiologists in the state who are not current MSHA members.  If you know colleagues who are not MSHA members, encourage them to join.  The true strength of any organization is its membership.


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