Vice-President: Continuing Education Executive Board Report 7/19/08

The 2008 Annual Continuing Education Conference was approved for 1.8 ASHA CEU’s.  A total of 452 attendees applied for varying amounts of credit and completed ASHA Participant Forms to verify their respective credit.  These forms and all other ASHA  documentation required after the completion of an approved activity were submitted to ASHA, and MSHA has received the ASHA Course Roster documenting each attendees CEU’s.


Since all Department of Health Speech Pathology or Audiology Professional Licenses expired on June 30 of this year, numerous phone calls have been received and responded to regarding the required 20 hours of CEU’s for renewal of licenses.  Most of the calls related to individuals either complaining about the personal records they maintained during the conference indicated more hours than recorded with ASHA or ASHA had no record of their hours.  Copies of all ASHA Participant Forms are kept.  The originals are mailed to ASHA.  After reviewing the copies of these individuals’ forms, it was found that the forms completed by those individuals concerned regarding their records indicating more credit did not show the amount they remembered obtaining.  The correct amount they submitted was recorded with ASHA.  Also, those individuals who stated that ASHA had no record of their hours had not completed an ASHA Participant Form.


MSHA has been asked by the ASHA National Office to participate in a pilot study regarding the new CEU logo and promotional paragraph that the CE Division has developed.  Ricky Burk agreed to assist in this process.  ASHA sent to Ricky and I instructions for use of the new information and 2 versions of the new logo and promotional paragraph (1 large and 1 smaller).  We were requested to insert these in promotional materials of a previously completed conference.  Ricky attempted to complete this task, but notified me that both versions were too large to be inserted on the website.  He felt these versions were apparently developed for print media.  Although Ricky could have reduced the images sent, we were advised by ASHA not to do so.  Both Ricky and I have been in contact with ASHA regarding this problem and explained that the majority of our promotional materials were done electronically.  ASHA is in the process of trying to resolve this issue of size for us.     



Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Berry


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