Ruth Ayres Anderson – Candidate for 2009 MSHA President-Elect

Ruth Ayres Anderson

years experience as a speech-language pathologist (SLP)
Full-time SLP with Natchez-Adams School District 2007-present
Adjunct Instructor, Oral Communications, Copiah-Lincoln Community College, (Natchez), 1990-present
Contract SLP, January 2006-present
SLP and Rehab Director, Tri-Star Rehabilitation, at Adams County Nursing Center, January 2005-January, 2006
Full-time SLP and Rehabilitation Coordinator with Glenburney Nursing & Rehab Center, February, 2002-January, 2005
Contract SLP with Concordia Parish School Board, 2001-present
PRN SLP with Deaconess Home Care, 2003-present
PRN SLP with Rehab Care at Natchez Regional Medical Center, 1999-present
PRN SLP with Natchez Regional Medical Center, 1995-present
Full-time SLP with Southwest Outpatient Rehabilitation, Inc., January, 2001-January, 2002.
PRN SLP with Sta-Home Health Agency, 2002-present
PRN SLP with Tri-Star Rehabilitation, 2001-2005, 2006-present
Full-time SLP/Rehabilitation Coordinator with Paragon Rehabilitation, Inc., at Glenburney Nursing Home, January, 1999-January, 2001
PRN SLP with Quality Care Rehabilitation, 1999-2000
Full-time SLP with Symphony/Rehabworks, at Glenburney Nursing Home, July, 1995- January 1999
Program Supervisor with Symphony/Rehabworks, at Glenburney Nursing Home, 1997-1999
PRN SLP with Quality Care & Rehab, 1995-1999
PRN SLP with Nova-Pro, 1996-1998
SLP Coordinator and full-time SLP, Natchez-Adams Public Schools 1990-1995
Adjunct Instructor, SLP, Northeast Louisiana University, 1995
Private Practice SLP, 1985-1990
Contract SLP with Humana Hospital, 1988-1991
Consultant, State of Louisiana, 1988-1990
PRN SLP with South Mississippi Home Health Agency, 1984-1994
Summer Speech Clinic, 1982-1991 (free to community)
Full-time SLP, Natchez-Adams Public Schools, 1982-1986
Certificate of Clinical Competence, (CCC-SLP), American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 1982-present
Master of Science in Speech Pathology, University of Southern Mississippi, Dec., 1981
Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology, University of Southern Mississippi, Dec., 1980
Mississippi State Board of Health Licensure
Louisiana State Board of Health Licensure
Mississippi Certification Type AA, Speech & Hearing Clinician,
MS State Board of Education
Louisiana Certification, Speech & Hearing Clinician, LA State Board of Education

Professional Contributions
2000 Appointed President-Elect, Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)
1999 Honors of the Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA)
1998 Chair, Joint Committee on State-National Relationships, American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Council of State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Presidents (CSAP)
1998 Past President, CSAP
1997 President CSAP
1996 President-Elect CSAP
1996 Chair Ad-Hoc Information & Technology Committee, CSAP
1996 Past President MSHA
1995 Seminar: “Surviving Your Presidency”, CSAP Spring Conference, Oqunquit, Maine
1995 Seminar: “Surviving Your Presidency”, CSAP Fall Conference, Orlando, Florida
1995 Cultural Diversity Committee, CSAP
1995 President MSHA
1994 Seminar: National Black Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (NBASLA) & Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA), “Networking for the Future”, CSAP Fall Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
1994 President-Elect, MSHA
1992-1994, Vice-President, MSHA
1992-1994, Continuing Education Chair, MSHA
1992-1993, Time & Place Committee, MSHA
1993 Liaison for School SLPs to ASHA
1991-1994 Committee on Conventions, MSHA
1990-1994 Professional Standards Committee, MSHA
1992 Membership Chair, MSHA
1990-1991 Speech-Language-Hearing Services in the Schools Committee, MSHA
1989-1990 Audiology Committee, MSHA
1990 Public Relations Chair, MSHA
1989 Public Relations Committee, MSHA
1988 Convention Chair, MSHA (held in Natchez, Mississippi)

Community Involvement
Member, Jefferson Street United Methodist Church
Relay for Life, 2002-2004
Grace United Methodist Church
1997 Lay Leader
1994-1997 Staff-Parish Relations Committee
1989-1993 Sunday School Teacher
1992 Children’s Weekday Ministry Board
1990-1991 Chair, Children’s Weekday Ministry
1989-1992 Youth Council Counselor
1989-1991 Singles’ Coordinator
1989 Children’s Choir Director
1989 Sunday School Superintendent
1989-1997 Chancel Choir
Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church:
1986, 1987 Children’s Choir Director
1982-1991 Summer Speech Clinic in conjunction with Dr. Donald Killelea & United Way
1984-1994 Rosecraft Garden Club
1984-present Natchez Garden Club

Voting will take place September 1 – 30, 2008.


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