MS Medicaid eliminates Speech Generating Device limitation/exclusions

On July 28, Mississippi Medicaid entered an agreement with the Southern Disability Law Center to eliminate its SGD coverage limitation / exclusion for individuals age 21 and older.  This policy change will go into effect on September 1, 2008.  Earlier this year, Mississippi Medicaid eliminated its $ 10,000 lifetime coverage limit for SGDs. 
The latest Mississippi policy change brings the scope of its Medicaid SGD coverage into line with all the other Medicaid programs in the country.  Mississippi was forced, by court order, to cover SGDs in 1995.  That case was brought as a class action for all Medicaid EPSDT recipients, and Medicaid limited its coverage to those individuals.  It subsequently ignored the decision in Fred C. which barred adult exclusions for SGDs, despite the fact that the Fifth Circuit court of appeals governs Medicaid program operations in Mississippi as well as Louisiana and Texas.  This agreement now eliminates Mississippi Medicaid’s non-compliance with Fred C. 

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