MS $6000 Supplement

There have been several concerns and questions over the years regarding the $6000 Mississippi supplement for school based speech language pathologists. I contacted the Mississippi Department of Education and raised this question. The renewal process does not have a time period. There is an annual renewal based on maintaining current certification. The speech language pathologist provides the school district with the current Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) renewal card and the district supplies that information to the Office of Financial Accountability for approval of the supplement payment. So, the $6000 supplement is available to those school based speech language pathologists who have acquired (and renews each year) the CCC until the Mississippi Legislature states otherwise. Please note that the National Board Teacher Certification does have a ten year stipulation placed upon it by the Mississippi Legislature at this time. This does not apply to the speech language pathologist.

– Amy Rosonet, MSHA Vice-President: School Issues, 800.664.6742, Ext. 3


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