DuBard School Featured in Advance Magazine

 The DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi was featured as the cover story in ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists on April 6, 2009.  Advance is a trade publication that is distributed weekly to 61,000 clinicians.  The article, “From Sounds to Symbols” written by Jason Mosheim, discusses the DuBard Association Method and its multisensory phonetic teaching strategies for children with speech, language and/or hearing disabilities. 

 The cover story can be found at http://speech-language-pathology-audiology.advanceweb.com/Editorial/Content/Editorial.aspx?CC=197217. 


A Web exclusive article, “Phonetic Teaching:  Success with Direct Instruction,” can be found at http://speech-language-pathology-audiology.advanceweb.com/Editorial/Content/Editorial.aspx?CC=197940


Pictures for the article can be viewed at



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