CCC Salary Supplement in MS Public Schools

From The MSHA Executive Board:

To everyone who has made contact with members of the Senate Appropriations Committee and/or your own legislators, Thank You.

However, we do need to continue these contacts as the critical date for continued review of all budget issues by the legislature is Tuesday, May 26th.  In addition to the talking points sent recently (, information on salary comparison may also be useful when talking with legislators.  The following information was excerpted from provider surveys completed by ASHA in 2007 & 2008.
  1)Median Salary for South Region is $54,000.
  2)Median Salary for MS is $49,500 (includes the $6000 supplement).   
  3)Even with the supplement MS is $4500 below the southern regional average in salaries for SLP’s working in public school settings.  
  4)SLP’s in healthcare report a median salary of $70,000 for the southern region.
  5)Private Practitioners report earnings at $69,000.
  6)The salary supplement has helped make earnings in the school settings somewhat competitive.  Rescinding or reducing the salary supplement will likely force many highly qualified SLP’s to seek employment outside of the school setting. 
Please continue to contact legislators regarding this critical issue.
To view/print a Senate roster, visit
To view/print a House roster, visit

Senate Appropriations Committee:
Alan Nunnelee, Chairman
Doug E. Davis, Vice-Chairman
David Blount
Terry C. Burton
Videt Carmichael
Lydia Graves Chassaniol
Vincent Davis
Bob M. Dearing
Merle Flowers
Hillman Terome Frazier
Tommy A. Gollott
Jack Gordon
Alice Harden
W. Briggs Hopson III
Billy Hudson
Cindy Hyde-Smit
Gary Jackson
Sampson Jackson II
Perry Lee; Ezell Lee
T. O. Moffatt
Haskins Montgomery
Willie Simmons
Bill Stone
Bennie L. Turner
J. P. Wilemon, Jr.


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