CCC Salary Supplement Update 5/21/09

From MSHA Executive Board

Several members have forwarded responses from their legislators indicating that they are receiving a significant number of letters and phone calls from all professionals in the schools concerning the funding of the National Board Certification salary supplement.  We have learned that initially the Governor’s proposal and the Senate proposal called for the state to fund half of the stipend and the local jurisdiction to fund the balance.  Some legislators have indicated that the Senate is now supporting the state fulfilling its obligation and paying the full $6000 supplement.

Our voices are being heard.   Even with some positive responses we need to continue contacts with legislators.  When the legislature reconvenes on May  26th and budget talks resume any item could be reconsidered.  If you have not contacted your legislator or any member of the Senate Appropriations Committee NOW is the time to act.  Without hearing the voice of constituents the legislators will not recognize the importance of the salary supplement in recruiting and retaining highly qualified personnel to work with children in this state.


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