MS Education Appropriation Bills Signed by Governor

A 7% increase in the Education budget was approved by both the Senate and the House of Representatives, and signed by the Governor.  This budget included full funding at the levels recommended by MDE for the supplement for nationally board certified personnel.  Currently there are 800 speech language pathologists licensed through MDE, 670 of those meet national certification requirements. 

Together with representation from teacher, counselor, psychology, and physical therapy associations we were successful in convincing legislators that providing quality services for children requires a high level of competence and commitment.   The MSHA Executive Board would like to thank you for your support, as well as your calls and emails to your legislators and the Governor urging them to resolve the budget issue.  Following this successful grassroots effort we should be mindful of the difficult work of our legislators representing the varied concerns of their constituents.  We encourage you to again contact your legislators to say thank you for once again demonstrating that children and education are the number one priorities in this state.


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