MS Medicaid Update

MSHA Executive Board and committee members are continuing to work with effected parties regarding the revision of Medicaid policy and the subsequent decrease in services to children.  Together we have been successful in alerting Mississippi legislators responsible for oversight of this agency.  It is our goal to develop a cooperative relationship with Medicaid and work jointly on the development of appropriate policy.

To move forward we need to collect data to support our position of inappropriate denials.  We are working in conjunction with Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities (MSCCD) to collect and compile data on denials.  Please, fax copies of your denials, with pertinent information blocked, to Mary Troupe at 601-709-0250.  Be sure to include the child’s diagnosis.   Data will be compiled so that MSHA and MSCCD can pursue appropriate guidance and support regarding the issues of services to children as defined by federal statute.   

This information is critical not only to document the number of cases and types of services denied, but will be helpful as we determine how MSHA can meet the needs of members by providing education opportunities to help SLP providers learn how to appropriately address a request for service within the structure of the new Medicaid policy.   We would like to develop a program from within the membership that will provide information on how to develop and document goals related to the diagnosis that reflect the current definition of medical necessity.   If you have successfully readdressed a denial of service, please share your experience and expertise via fax addressed to  Christine Gibson, MSHA Vice President Healthcare Issues, at 800.664.6742.

 Click Here to see a letter from Sue Hale, ASHA President, to the Mississippi Medicaid Division.


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