Call for 2010 MSHA Clinical Achievement Award Nominations

The Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA) has many members who are deserving of special recognition. Please submit the name of a Speech Language Pathologist or Audiologist who you consider particularly outstanding to the Honors Committee as a nominee for the 2010 CLINICAL ACHIEVEMENT award.

Your nominee might be someone who has made significant contributions in clinical service programming; program development; state or local organizations or government agency activity; clinical teaching research; or administration.

To submit a nomination, obtain permission from the nominee, and submit via e-mail the nominee’s name, address, e-mail, and phone number to Amy Rosonet, Honors Committee Chair .  Your nominee MUST be a current member of MSHA. 

 DEADLINE:  Nominations are due by Dec. 1, 2009 (Please submit your nomination as soon as possible.)

 *    Honors Committee Members:

 Amy Rosonet (Chair)          228-327-7701   

  • Lynn Boardman
  • Adrain Mosley
  • Georgene Johnson 

 *   Committee members may not be nominated.

 We are waiting to hear from you!


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