NBC Supplement Budget Cuts Update – Rachel Powell

Due to the continued economic crisis, Governor Barbour

is promising more cuts to Mississippi’s budget before the end of

the fiscal year. Based on all of this information, MSHA’s lobbyist

is urging members to enact the grassroots initiative to contact

state legislators urging them to not cut NBC funding. It is

important that you not only contact your local legislatures, but

also members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees.

Here is the link to the members of the House Appropriations

Committee: http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/htms/h_cmtememb.xml

and a link to the contact information for all State


http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/members/h_roster.pdf. The link to

members of the Senate Appropriations Committee is here:

http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/htms/s_cmtememb.xml and contact

information for State Senators:


You may also find a sample letter to legislators and talking points

is available at http://www.mshausa.org/NBC111509.doc

According to the Mississippi Department of Education, the recent

estimates on the State General Fund Revenue Shortfall for the

current fiscal year are as high as $370 million. Governor Barbour

cut approximately $172 million from the state budget in early

September, and most of these cuts were made to the Local Education

Agencies (i.e, your School District).  It is anticipated that the

Governor will make further cuts in January in order to balance the

current fiscal year budget.

Mississippi State Law Section 27-104-13 of the Mississippi Code

does not allow the Governor to cut any single agency more than 5%

until he has cut all agencies by five percent. Therefore, the next

round of cuts will result in a 5% cut to all of the agencies that

did not get a cut in September, which amounts to approximately $97

million. In these cuts Educable Child and National Board

Certification (NBC) could be included. However, because the NBC

Supplement is a legislative mandate, only the legislature can cut

reduce or rescind it. There is also nothing in the law that

specifically defines within state agency budgets how they can be

cut.   If estimates are accurate, and the overall State General

Fund Shortfall is a total of $370 million for the current fiscal

year, then the Governor would have to cut another $101 million from

the state budget. According to the law this cut would have to be

made in a uniform percentage estimated at 2% for all state


MSHA members did an outstanding job this spring with grassroots

efforts to ensure funding, and can do it again.


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