MS House debates restoration of education funding

Governor Barbour announced his latest round of cuts – about $216 million – on Friday. Those reductions, combined with cuts in September and December, mean that he has reduced most state agencies 8.2 percent.  He is making the cuts because state revenue collections are coming in below the amount needed to fund state government.

On Monday, the House Appropriations Committee passed legislation to take $50 million out of a $230 million rainy day fund and $50 million out of a $200 million tobacco trust fund to restore some of the money.   The bulk of the funds would go to education, public safety and health care.  Under the House proposal, $43.4 million of the total would go to restore cuts to k-12 education, including funds to restore the salary supplement for nationally board certified teachers.

SB 2495 is on the calendar.  The House of Representatives is expected to debate this bill as early as today.  Contact your legislators and ask them to support SB 2495 that at least partially restores funds Governor Haley Barbour has cut from K-12 Education and the National Board Supplement.


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