SB2495 Update

As we continue to monitor legislation, SB 2495 remains in the forefront.  Recapping, SB 2495 restores funding to agency budgets the Governor cut, including NBC salary supplement. 

On February 1, 2010, the Senate invited conference on a vote of 25 to 23.  This means that the bill passed both houses of the legislature in different forms and the Senate (House of Origin of the bill) invites a conference with representatives from each house in order to reach a compromise.  Conferees are named by the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House.  When the conference committee files a conference report, both houses must vote on the conference report.  If both houses adopt the conference report the Bill becomes Law if:  1. Signed by the Governor; 2. Not signed by the governor by deadline; 3. Vetoed by Governor, but overridden by legislature.

SB 2495 requires significant action for the salary supplement to be reinstated at the previous level.  We will continue to monitor the status of the bill, and inform members of the need for action in the near future.  

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