3/2/10 Legislative Update – Suzie Rosser

MSHA continues to monitor legislation impacting members.  As the second deadline for bill movement back to the house of origin is today (March 2, 2010), lobbyist, Stephen Clay , conferenced with Suzie Rosser, President, and provided the  update information listed below.  We will continue to update you, and notify of any need for call to action in the near future.

SB 2688                 Veto override unsuccessful—Restoring funds cut by Governor

SB 2495                 In Conference–Restoring funds cut by Governor, including $2 million NBC; Conferees met last Friday working to reach an agreement on equitable share of restored funds to agencies; Point of contention is Senate wants $16 million to go to Dept. of Corrections & House wants $10 million to go to Dept. of Corrections with bulk of the remaining $6 million to go to Dept. of Mental Health.  An additional $14 million has been identified that will not go as a payment to CMMS which will cover most of this funding source.  When an agreement is reached it will have to be voted on by both House & Senate before going to the governor for signature.

HB 549                  Died in Committee–Relating to unpaid furlough of state employees during fiscal year 2011

HB 612                  In Committee—Likely will die in committee today as chair of that committee is opposed to task forces; Created Children’s Advocacy Commission

HB 662                  Died in Committee—relating to retired public employee may not paid for service by any state agency

HB 740                  In Committee—Senate removed stipulations on insurance premium differential, but added others.  Likely to end up in conference

HB 741                  Died in Committee—Relating to premium surcharge on retirees

HB 957                  In Senate Finance Committee, likely will die there today –relating to employer paying full contribution on compensation to working retiree

HB 1107                Died in Committee—Relating to increasing retirement eligibility to 30 years;  SB 3078 picks this up; Now in House Appropriations and likely to move out of committee today

HB 1152                Died in Committee—Relating to assessing active full time employees a portion of health insurance premium

HB 1243                Died in Committee—Relating to reformulation of COLA check for retirees

HB 1283                Died in Committee—Relating to increasing years to vest age & years to retire regardless of age

SB 2402                 Died in Committee—Relating to discontinuation of NBC funding

SB 2697                 Died in Committee—Relating to suspension of annual experience increment for school employees for two years

SB 2752                 Currently in House Insurance & Appropriations Committees; If not out today will die; Not likely to pass both committees today—Relating to raising retirees insurance premiums


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