Budget Reductions Impact NBC Funding and 2011 Budget Planning

Although Senate Bill 2495 restored cuts to Education, Governor Barbour announced yesterday an additional $19.16-million in cuts to K-12 education.  Of that, $16.8-million is to Mississippi Adequate Education Program and $190,671 is to the National Board Certified Teacher Program. The cuts made to all state agencies totaled $41-million.  The $190,671 cut to NBC funds is 1.1% of the total funding.  If the MS Department of Education applied this reduction to each recipient the total loss to an individual would be approximately $60 annually.

This most recent round of cuts was made in response to the revised revenue estimates that were adopted by the Legislative Budget Committee.  The Revenue Estimating Committee recommended revised revenue estimates for both the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year.  The estimates were revised downward as follows:

  • Fiscal Year 2010     Down $119.4-million from the November estimate to $4,432,000,000
  • Fiscal Year 2011     Down $112.9-million from the November estimate to $5,562,900,000

The Revenue Estimating Committee bases its recommendations on national forecasts and recent and historical economic trends within the State of Mississippi.  It is on the revenue estimate for FY2011 that the FY2011 budget will be based.  Revenue numbers for the first part of March are 15% better than March of last year, however, economists warn you cannot judge by less than one month. 

The downward revision in the FY2011 revenue estimate means that the Legislature will have even fewer dollars to appropriate for the coming year.  Currently, the Governor and Senate are planning to budget 2% of the revenue for 2011 for rainy day funds.   At this point, we need for each MSHA member to contact your Senator and  encourage them to appropriate 100% of available revenue for 2011. 

We will be following developments on the FY2011 funding bill and reporting those to you through email updates and MSHA News.

– Suzie Rosser, President


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