Update on Legislation and Medicaid

The news on the Medicaid front is good, not great, but better than expected since the Senate refused to pass Resolution 128 which would have allowed the legislature to fund the Division of Medicaid (DOM) $14 million dollar shortfall.  MSHA Lobbyist, Stephen Clay, reported that the Attorney General will receive a settlement from which the legislature has designated between $3 ½ to $5 million dollars to DOM to apply to the 2010 budget.   Additional revenue from Skilled Nursing Facilities increase in the per bed assessment could bring the DOM 2010 deficit to around $5 million.  DOM will rework the spread sheet to adjust the provider rate cut based on this increase in funding.  They will have to resubmit to CMS for approval to implement any reduction in provider reimbursement rates.  We will continue to update you as more information is released.  Thanks to those of you who contacted legislators over the last couple of weeks expressing concern with provider rate reductions.  Although we were not successful in eliminating the DOM shortfall, contacts with legislators convinced them of the resulting effects of cuts to providers and encouraged use of available funds to mitigate the cuts. 

– Suzie Rosser


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