Changes in the MSHA Executive Board

Rebecca Laskin, MSHA Vice President Finance, resigned from the Executive Board on June 3, 2010.  She was serving her second term in this position.  Rebecca worked with Deirdre McGowan, MSHA Executive Director, to develop accounting procedures that simplified the budgeting and reporting of MSHA finances.   She will be greatly missed on the Executive Board not only for the application of her business expertise, but also for her contributions as a clinical Speech Language Pathologist that helped to guide development of policy and grass roots activities.  Rebecca continues to serve as one of the Speech Language Pathology members of the Advisory Council for the Professional Licensure Division of MS Department of Health, on the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Board for the MS Department of Health, and the ASHA STARS representative for Mississippi. 

Alex O’Neal was appointed to fill the remainder of the term vacated by Rebecca.  She will be a valuable member of the Executive Board with varied clinical experience, and resources from her private practice background.  Welcome Alex!!


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