MS DOE seeks B.A. level speech-language teacher license

At the Mississippi State Board of Education Meeting August 20, 2010, the Board approved the recommendation by the licensure commission to begin the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) process for approval of a new five year renewable license and endorsement code 216 for Bachelor’s level speech/language teachers. To view the proposed license, click here: By law, the APA process must last 30 days, so the Board will not meet for final approval of the license until October 21-22. 

MSHA representatives met with State Superintendent of Education Dr. Burnham Monday, August 16 to discuss concerns related to this license. MSHA will formally submit comments on the recommended license in the APA process. MSHA’s primary concerns related to the language of the proposed license are the title speech/language teacher, the wording of “monitored by a master’s level fully certified speech/language clinician” instead of the word supervised, and the provisions that allow them to do articulation testing and write IEPs. There are further concerns with how monitoring and/or supervision will be defined, and training for certified SLPs to supervise these new employees.

We are still waiting on the APA process to begin to post MSHA’s comments, and will post the link to the APA on MSHA news once it opens. Know that MSHA is actively working with the Mississippi Department of Education to ensure that the new license does the best for services to children for speech/language deficits. We encourage members to post their comments on the new license as well. You may contact Rachel Powell, VP: School Issues, at for any questions or concerns related to the proposed speech/language teacher license.

– Rachel Powell, VP: School Issues


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