Dr. James Peck completes book manuscript

After plodding for four years, James E. Peck, Ph.D. completed his manuscript for his book, Pseudohypacusis: false and exaggerated hearing loss.  Plural Publishing expects to debut the book in 2011

Dr. Peck said that “This has been a career-long interest of mine.  I realized that, even though there are the many books in audiology on every aspect of the field, there was no book on pseudohypacusis.  So, I figured I’d write one.”  Peck obtained his doctorate at Vanderbilt University and spent his career as a clinician and teacher.  He retired from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 2007.  Dr. Peck will present a seminar at the MSHA conference on the Stenger test, a well known if not well understood test for unilateral pseudohypacusis.  He will explain the basis for the test and how to set it up (what he calls the anatomy of the Stenger test) and also will illustrate the intricacies of the test through hypothetical sets of audiometric results (the physiology of the test).  You may contact Jim at jepec1em@bellsouth.net.


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