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The Task Force on Fluency Services in the Schools, sponsored by ASHA’s Special Interest Group (SIG) #4 for Fluency and Fluency Disorders is dedicated to addressing the needs of school‐based SLPs of children and teens who stutter. We are writing to provide you and your state association members with new resources for SLPs who work with children who stutter. For the past few years, in conjunction with the, the committee members have been compiling a list of free Internet resources for SLPs who work with children who stutter. Last year, our committee members contacted each state organization separately, requesting that the resource links be posted to the state association websites. We now have another NEW resource (multicultural issues and stuttering) and hope that by communicating through the Council of State Association Presidents, we can encourage each state to include the links and the introduction paragraph (see below).

 Internet Resources for SLPs who work with Preschoolers

Internet Resources for School Based SLPs who work with School Age children who stutter

Stuttering in Other Cultures/Stuttering and Bilingualism RECENTLY added Link:

 These collections contain Internet links to free resources for clinicians and families of children who stutter. The resources were compiled by current and past ASHA SIG #4 School Committee members. Special appreciation is extended to Stuttering Homepage webmaster, Judith Kuster for working with both committees to post these resources on the Stuttering Home Page.

          Sheryl Gottwald, SIG #4 Steering Committee Coordinator, at


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