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Representing MSHA as VP Healthcare, I recently attended ASHA’s Leadership and Development Program during the ASHA Healthcare and Business Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, April 8-10.  I was selected for this Leadership Program by an ASHA panel earlier this year.  The duration of the program is approximately one year with ongoing team meetings and webinars.  Part of the selection criteria was based on a leadership project idea submission.  My project submission involved creating a manual/guide for future MSHA VPs of Healthcare as I had no predecessor and currently serve as the first VP of Healthcare in 50 years of the Association. 

During my attendance at the ASHA Healthcare and Business Institute, I participated in a State Advocate for Reimbursement (STAR) face-to-face meeting.  Highlights from this meeting included discussion of the following topics:  Reaching Your Federal Legislators at Home, The Affordable Care Act, Quality Assurance Measures:   Medicaid and Beyond, SLP Medical Review Guidelines, and Medicaid Issues.  Facilitators of this meeting included:   Laurie Alban Havens, ASHA Director of Private Health Plans and Medicaid Advocacy; Kate Fry, ASHA Director of Political Advocacy; Janet McCarty, ASHA Private Health Plans Advisor; and Kate Romanow, ASHA Director of Healthcare Regulatory Advocacy.  The STAR representatives from each state were given an opportunity to discuss ongoing issues facing their state with respect to reimbursement and licensure issues.  I reported on the Mississippi Can program involving Magnolia and United Healthcare as their Coordinated Care Organizations for Medicaid reimbursement, the non-coverage of children under the CHIPS program, and the recent expansion of Mississippi Medicaid coverage for adults to include non-hospital based facilities, i.e., free standing clinics. 

It was so good to see everyone at MSHA Conference this year.  I have had many requests for my presentation handout on Videofluoroscopy:  Grand Rounds (CLICK HERE to view/print handout).  The Healthcare Committee is seeking new members.  Please consider joining by emailing me at and include the words “I WANT TO JOIN” in the subject heading.  There are sure to be many changes in healthcare over the next three years of my term and I look forward to serving you.  Power exists in numbers and I believe that, together, we can make a difference.

Christine Gibson, Vice President:  Healthcare


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