MDE 216 Licensure Task Force

The 216 License Task Force was formed to make recommendations on the policies and procedures and implementation for the 216 License for B.A. graduates in Communication Sciences and Disorders to practice in the schools under the supervision of a 215 certified speech language pathologist.   The Task Force met on March 30 and again on April 27. 

At the two previous meetings, the Task Force developed an issues/challenges/opportunities document regarding the 216 License. 

In addition, the Task Force has formed three working groups to begin to address the issues/challenges/opportunities.  The undergraduate review work group will address the curriculum needs for the license.  Dr. Lynnette Ivy is chairing this group.  The supervision work group is chaired by Beverly Ray who will lead the group to develop the supervision criterion and to resolve the work load/case load issues.  Carolyn Higdon will chair the recruitment work group which will begin to address the need for a cooperative plan for school districts, MSHA, and ASHA to work together in the placement of speech language pathologists in the schools.

The Task Force is made up of speech language pathologists, superintendents, special education directors, academic program directors, parents, and personnel from the State Department of Education and the Institutions of Higher Learning.  The group is working together to collect data from school districts, academic programs, emergency certificate/interim certificate holders.  

Please contact Gloria Kellum (; 662-816-8220) or Jayne Buttross (; 601-573-3200 ) if you have any questions or suggestions.   Our goal is to complete the work of the Task Force by July, 2012.  Monthly updates on the Task Force activities will be posted on the MSHA Web site.


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