ASHA SEALS Conference Call 4/26/11

The VP: School Issues participated in the ASHA SEALS Conference Call in place of ASHA SEALS Representative Georgene Johnson 4/26/11. The discussion was related to value added assessment, for which some state legislators have passed laws to implement. Value added assessment evaluates a teacher’s performance in the classroom based on students’ performance on statewide assessment measures. The discussion focused on how value added assessment would apply to speech-language pathologists. ASHA developed a committee and subsequent documents on how to apply value added assessment measures to SLPs, which can be used by the state SEALS as a resource. The documents for assessment and evaluation of SLPs focus on how to measure an SLP’s performance based on student performance and growth related to specific goals, such as IEP objectives, student progress monitoring data, dismissal data, professional development, and relationships with students, parents, and teachers. ASHA encouraged state SLPs to be proactive in the development of value added assessments, as these measures may affect future employment and may include the addition of merit-based pay systems.

Respectfully submitted,

Rachel Powell

VP: School Issues


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