ASHA Schools Program and Leadership Conference

Representing MSHA as the VP: School Issues, I attended the ASHA Leadership Development Program in conjunction with the ASHA Schools Conference at the Gaylord National Convention Center in Maryland July 7-10. I was selected for participation in this program by a panel from ASHA based on an application I submitted earlier this year. The Leadership Program had 32 participants, consisting of SLPs in schools from across the country, each of whom selected an individual leadership project to implement. The leadership project which I submitted was to develop a handbook for school-based SLPs to use in our state, including sections on evaluation and eligibility determination, IEP development, potential goals and objectives aligning with general education and the common core curriculum, and forms for SLPs to use. The leadership program will consist of monthly team meetings and webinars throughout the next school year that will serve to further develop the participants’ leadership qualities and help them in completing their leadership projects.

Following the Leadership Development Program, I attended the ASHA Schools Conference. Topics for sessions included SLPs and Assistants: Partners in Practice (information can be found on ASHA’s website under SLPA Guidelines), SLPs and Response to Intervention (RTI) in Schools (, Legal Hot Spots in Special Education, Developing a Roadmap for Cultural Intelligence, Evaluation of Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercises (NSOME) for Speech Sound Disorders, Mobile “Apps” for Therapy, and Legal and Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision. In addition, Poster sessions were held that featured researchers in action.

I am excited about the upcoming school year, and as always I am looking for new members for the schools committee. If you would like to participate in the schools committee and help with projects such as the SLP Handbook, please email me at Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Respectfully submitted,

Rachel Powell

VP: School Issues


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