2012 MSHA Annual Continuing Education Conference

The 2012 MSHA Annual Conference Committee has been hard at work preparing a wonderful continuing education experience for you! Thank you so very much for your patience in receiving a preview of what is in store! The schedule should be posted on the MSHA website by the end of this week, but here are some highlights to get you as excited as we are.

Our preconference this year is focused on Autism Assessment. Dr. Susan Buttross, M.D., and collegues are speaking Wednesday morning regarding differential diagnosis of Autism, and Tim Kowalski, from Florida, is speaking in the afternoon regarding assessment of Asperger’s.

At our conference, for those interested in the Educational Line:

  • Task Force 216 issues (the Bachelor level license) are being addressed by Gloria Kellum, Jayne Buttross, Beverly Ray, Lennette Ivy, Carolyn Higdon, Rachel Powell, and Jennifer Moak
  • Susan Floyd is speaking on Standards-aligned Communication Curriculum Assessment: Frameworks for School-based Speech-Language Service.
  • Keli Richmond (www.LiteracySpeaks.com) is speaking on how to Simultaneously Improve Speech Intelligibility and Establish Literacy Skills w/ Orthographic Instruction!
  • Julie Weatherly, Attorney (http://www.specialresolutions.com/), is speaking on Legal Hot Spots in Special Education
  • And the following speakers are coming as well: Greg Snyder, Nola Radford, Rebecca Lowe, Rachel Powell, Ricky Burk, Missy Schraeder, Laddell Kraft, Lori Burgess,  BreAnn Russell, Kimberly Ward, Lara Monico, Suzanne Colsey, Sarah Case-Price, Sarah Myers, Judy Prehn, Donna Stauter, Jan Shook, Becki Shoemake, Rachel Gillenwater, Jackie Mockbee, Lekeitha Morris, Megan Richmond-Simmons, and Kym Heine

For those interested in the Medical Line:

  • Rebecca Gould (http://www.med-speech.com/company_profile.htm) is speaking on FEES: diagnosis & therapy of swallowing and/or diagnosis, as well as Therapy of voice
  • Nina Johanson is speaking on pediatric swallowing
  • Gloria Kellum and Staci Kellum are speaking on Craniofacial Anomalies
  • Eric Blom is presenting a Clinical Course in the Use of the Blom Trach Tube
  • Look forward to these speakers, too: Maley Morris, Jessica Miller, Katie Weeks, Lollie Vaughan-Robinson, Jamie Austin (OTR/L), Leslie J. Hammond, and Linda Rigsby

For those interested in Autism, we have a special line for you that includes:

  • Tim Kowalski speaking on many aspects of Asperger’s
  • In addition, Julie Chadwick, Susan McPhail, Tim Morse, Meher Banajee, Inga Denman, Annette Hurley, Mary Langford Hall, Betty Sutton, Regina Enwefa, Stephen Enwefa, Arnold Nyarambi, Rebeca Mullican, Lori Arinder will present valuable information.

For Audiology:

  • Donald Goldberg is coming to discuss teaching spoken language to children who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • We are also pleased that Charles Marx, Kimberly Ward, Suzanne Roark, Lauren McIntosh, Kathy Irving, Tommy Strini, Rebecca Lowe, and Charles Bishop are also speaking.

And, we are honored that two ASHA speakers, Amy Hasselkus and Theresa Rodgers, are presenting as well!

Please check the MSHA web for the complete schedule in the next week. As you navigate your registration, there you will also find a link to the Hilton with lodging information (click on the hotel picture); they have a block of rooms until February 26 or until it is full. We hope to see you in March!


Stephanie Beebe, 2012 Conference Chair


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