VP: Publications says “Thanks for the memories”

December 2, 2012

As my Vice-President: Publications term comes to an end this month, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank-you” to the MSHA membership as well as to those with whom I have had the privilege of serving with on the MSHA Executive Board (EB).  I began working with the EB, as a volunteer, in 1996, to get the MSHA web up and running. When I joined the EB in 1997 as President-Elect, I could not have possibly imagined a journey that would span a decade and a half. I won’t try to recount all that has transpired over the years, but will suffice it to say it has been a learning experience that I shall never forget.

When I began my term as 1998 President, the EB position that handled publications was titled “Editor.” The person filling that position resigned, and I served as “Editor.” Early in 1998 the one part-time paid staff person, who served as Administrative Aid to the EB, also resigned. So I got a “mobile phone” and had all the calls forwarded to me. I experienced full immersion into the MSHA world. I continued to serve as “Editor” to complete the Editor’s term, and was subsequently reelected as Editor. The journey continued. Over the years many EB titles were changed, and “Editor” became “Vice-President: Publications.” The most recent Bylaws change (2012) in “Vice-President: Publications” to “Vice-President: Public Relations and Marketing” will take effect January 1, 2013. I would like to take this opportunity to say an early “2013 Welcome” to Mia Kimmons, Vice-President: Public Relations and Marketing – Elect.

With wishes for a Happy and prosperous New Year to each of you,

Ricky W. Burk


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